Sam Armitage Head of Digital, Social, ATL, PR and Trade Marketing

  • 15+ years experience in the Middle East Media industry, working and leading commercial teams across all media platforms.
  • 10+ years Videogame & Mobile Game marketing experience. Having created and managed effective marketing strategies specifically for the gaming industry.
  • Founder and Managing Director of 8 Point Media, which has recently been acquired by DEVCO
  • From 2012 his business became a key driver in developing seamless integration between clients and programming/content, providing a full service to US/EURO based clients requiring expertise in providing Arabic localized content and 360 marketing solutions to fit with the Arabic culture of the Middle East.
  • The success of this business has led to helping grow the meplay and DEVCO brand marketing services, bringing enormous knowledge to clients on how best to develop content, platforms, social media, pipelines and revenues with companies as diverse as large-scale publishers, to smaller-scale specialists in numerous sectors.